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Help create and link a new table!!

Question asked by btschop484 on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by badmonkey842

I have uploaded my FM so that you can follow along and/or help if you choose.

I have a table labeled 'Specimen'. In that table I have fields name 'Tank', 'Rack', 'Box'. This denotes where each specimen is located. I need to make a new table and layout named 'Boxes'. I would like to name the boxes based off of where they are: for example - Tank 1, Rack 1, Box 1. I need two things from this:


1.) I need to make the 'Boxes' table with only 2 fields: 'Name' and 'Specimen'. That way I can put its name and then simply list everything found in that box.


2.) I want there to be a way to connect the location from the 'Specimen' table/layout to the 'Boxes' table. Ideally I could have a button to connect the two quickly for more detail.





I go into Mouse 80..... I see that I have 4 cryo-preserved pieces. I see that those 4 pieces are located in Tank 1, Rack 2, Box 3. "Hmmm... I wonder how I labeled these?" *Clicks GO button* *Arrives in that box* "Ohhh that's what else is in those boxes!"