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How to 'Open URL' to a separate provider from WebDirect on tablet?

Question asked by ThinkSoft on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2018 by beverly

Background Info - Foundation

I have created a separate web page, programmed in Javascript, to capture signatures ( for use on Android tablets ).

The Web Direct layout does not allow the "moving finger" to write on the screen in Android; in my experience; so this work around is to use a heavily modified version of SignaturePad  ( see GitHub - szimek/signature_pad: HTML5 canvas based smooth signature drawing ) as a completely separate page - the image is captured and then PUT to FMServer using REST.


In the iOS version of the layout - the javascript works very well inside a web viewer - so FMGo is not an issue.

In the macOS version of the layout - the same

In the Windows version of the layout - the same.


When a web direct layout is displayed on the screen of a tablet or smart device within Safari or Chrome; with the signature capture code in the webviewer object on the layout; the "moving finger" moves the whole layout all over the place without writing...


Attempted Solution

  1. Create a separate web page
  2. jump to that page, passing the record id
  3. capture the signature
  4. save to record using REST; and Bob's your Uncle.

Seems simple enough; and it all works UNTIL the application is launched on a tablet ( using either OS )


In Action: when launched manually, or from a mac Layout.


Pressing Save calls a javascript function to PUT the image back to the database.


The Problem that needs a solution;

When the script OpenURL ( {signatureURL}  ) is run on a tablet with the appropriate arguments; a web browser is opened to "about:blank" in all cases.  Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox all exhibit the same UX.


Popups are NOT blocked on the device.


"about:blank" is the default web page display for all browsers when they have nothing to display.


Can anyone suggest a work around, please?