macOS will support iOS Apps; The New Runtime?

Discussion created by davidwollesen on Jun 6, 2018
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We are all confused about the deployment strategy behind the deprecation of Runtime and now the totalt removal of FileMaker Pro, which was earlier the obvious app to deploy on client machines.


I have taken my time trying to wrap my head around what FileMaker is planning on, and up until now I have concluded that they want every client deployment to move towards WebDirect, because it really does not make any sense to install FMPA on ALL client machines. It seems so odd to me that every employee in an organisation should have the "developer" edition of a software installed in order to just run a simple app?


But now, ladies and gentlemen, after Apple's recent WWDC keynote we got the confirmation of something that feels so right, but still is almost too good to be true; macOS will be able to run iOS apps in the future!


Apple wants developers to be able to seamlessly distribute apps across both iOS and macOS by taking key framework elements from iOS and UIKit and have already started adapting them for macOS in the recent macOS 10.14 Mojave. THIS IS HUGE - and is the obvious future deployment method within an Apple environment at least.


The only question is; will FileMaker support this in their future iOS SDK?


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