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My toolbars aren't hiding

Question asked by dsimonson on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by bigtom

I am using FM Go 17 and I don't want my users to be able to add records, sort, or anything like that.  To that end, my app has a startup script running as a script trigger for OnFirstWindowOpen.  Here is what it says:


if [get (systemPlatform ) = 3]

Show/Hide Toolbars [Lock; Include Edit Record Toolbar; Hide]

Show/Hide Menubar [Lock: On; Hide ]

Set Zoom Level [Lock: On; 100%]


And yet (please see attached screenshot), I still see this toolbar at the top of the iOS keyboard when it pops up.  My understanding is that this should not be showing, so I can only conclude that I have somehow turned the Show/Hide Toolbars back on , or FM Go 17 has turned it back on.  Any ideas?  If my users accidentally tap the add record button, it will _really_ be bad, obviously.