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Portal entry to create multiple records

Question asked by antoinedurr on Jun 6, 2018
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First time posting here, been working with FMP on and off since version 7 or so (more off than on!).  My question is: is there a way to have a newly added portal row create more than one record, or a secondary record in a different table?  Here is my scenario.


I'm developing an itinerary solution which has tables for flights, hotel stays, car rentals, etc., plus one table that holds the travellers, plus a table called 'Events' that joins all the above.  In the flights layout, you add a new record for a flight, and then bind this flight with the passengers that are on it.  This is a portal into the Events table, and so far it's working great.  I add flights, hotel stays, etc.  The Events table basically holds foreign keys for traveller, e.g. fkFlights, fkHotelStays, etc.  To generate an itinerary I just filter the Events table by the desired TravellerId and presto, I have a list of events belonging to the traveller's itinerary.


Where I need help is the following: a flight has basically two event components: departure, and arrival.  The Flights record contains both (plus origin/destination airport codes, departure times, etc.).  But my Events table only receives one record: the departure time.  How do I get the arrival time into my itinerary?  Should the addition of a record into the Events table generate two records, and if so, how would they get deleted if we decide to put the passenger on a different flight?


Or are there different/better approaches, such as having another table with all secondary events, i.e. arrivals, car returns, hotel checkouts?  To complicate things, a flight might have multiple stops with ground time in between (vs. a flight that just has a connection).  With multiple stops, each subsequent arrival and departure would be a secondary event.  The key thing, though, is that all the secondary events are defined by the primary event's record.  The goal is to have the itinerary say:


Depart Los Angeles flight UA-12345 LAX/BOS 11:34am

Arrive Boston 7:45pm


I've thought of just line wrapping, but one capability required is to generate list of who's arriving when, thus it seems a separate record is important.


If you made it this far, thanks in advance for any suggestions.


-- Antoine