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Script - Switch for replacing one field with another

Question asked by grizzlybayer on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hi FileMaker community,


I'm writing to fix an issue on one of our scripts to better suit the end users who export their data via filemaker 14 (We also have a hosted FMP server) to a 3rd party site. I'm an administrator for the server but not exactly sure how I should modify the script to have it work as intended.


The issue is the image title ends up on the 3rd party site with the image title name instead of an ID number, so they have to go through the 3rd party portal and edit that number whenever exporting after the script is run.


I was thinking to use the replace field switch, or to simply modify the load order (we use an .xml file for the output file) of what fields get exported (I didn't initially write the script, picking up the pieces from someone before me) or perhaps both? Can someone provide some insight into what switch if at all I should use and how it should be configured? To prevent any security sensitive information please provide variables so it can be interpreted. Thank you!