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Run same script multiple times with different criteria and how long till "find" gets slow?

Question asked by watsonam on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by DanielShanahan

Hello! I'm pretty new to filemaker, but so excited.

My issue is pretty lengthy, so I'll jump right into it.

I'm building a database for a hotel to manage the maintenance. Thing is they need table-like reports, that contain counters, which count the number of reports for each hotel for 7-day ranges.

Now keep in mind that maintenance and about 4 other things will be built in the same way.

I managed to create a script to get the counters, by performing a find and filling a certain field. Problem is a have 35 fields to fill, only for the maintenance board.

I imagine the easy way would be to copy- paste that script, till I go mad, changing the find criteria and the field which stores the counter-value. It won't be pretty, but it'll work. But this means, the final layout, with all the boards will have to run 175 (!!) finds.


So to wrap this up before it gets tldr.

Is 175 finds too much?

Am I even on the right track getting the counters I need?


Any help will be greatly appreciated!