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Question for creating Relations

Question asked by tanja on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2018 by philmodjunk


I am Tanja, new here and also new to FM.


I've read so much about FileMaker but nowhere I can get the following question:


In the picture below, I draw some tables. Table C have a table occurrence (TO_1).

And further down, you can see the Table D & E. And if I want to make another table occurrance, is it different of what table I have made the occurrance? I mean: is a table occurrance of Table "C" is always based on the base Table C or is it depending of which table I have selected and create the occurrance?


For instance: TO_1 should only show some filtred data, depending of the relation to TABLE A. And if I make the new occurance based on TO_1(green), is it so, that the new TO_TO_1 only show the filtered data + the new reation conditions of Table D?


Hope you understand me.