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Scrolling in FM Webdirect

Question asked by remoran on Jun 7, 2018

How do you get scrolling to work in FM Cloud as switching the layout from classic to whaterer makes the page inacessible. I did this NOT KNOWING one cannot go back to Classic. Stupid S without question. This has just cost me 3 days of work. Is there a workaround for this as the lack of competent docs and the gotchas are legend here. I am really angry about this to the max. Is there a viable workaround as the database works without issue and webdirect works. Lastly, how does one get FM go to work. What is the EXACT procuess including URLs. There is nothing I can find. Unbelievable does not begin to tell just how furious I am on a product that is NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME. Rev 1.0 applies here for FM Cloud IHMO.