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Attempting to figure out how how to sort using value list

Question asked by halatkins on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by justinc

Howdy, friends-


I'm attempting to pull apart some of the functionality used in the FM 17 "Contacts" example app. In the Contacts layout, it provides the ability to filter the contacts displayed by "Status" as well as by other key filters. I can see that the values for the "Status" list and the key filters are defined in two different value lists.


In the Contacts table, there is a table for "Status Filter" and one for "Sort Selection" - both are global fields, but I don't know how the terms from the value lists get in to that field. Furthermore, I don't understand how the terms are used to trigger the actual filtering either.


Anyone have time to help me understand how I could apply similar tools for my own application?