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Does RAM disk setup work with FMPA - to speed I/O, etc?

Question asked by wxtyrs on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2018 by wxtyrs

Filemaker Pro is nice.  But writing to and from records is painfully slow.


Can a RAM disk speed things up?


If so, how have you configured the RAM disk?


I need to process data in a myriad of ways as a single user.  Server is not necessary for this operation.


Processing includes rolling up records from one table into another, using executeSQL() to copy data from an unrelate tables etc.  There are >10 million records all told.


The end result is a set of transformed tables then exported into an end-user database.


PMPA is painfully slow at I/O, reading/writing records, import/export.  Painfully.


I am running on a 32GB iMac I7 with a 1TB SSD, with FMPA 16/17.


Current FMPA database size: 10GB.


Currently it takes >24 hours to process the data.


Some routines can be better optimized of course.  But nonetheless the I/O issues remain.


The volume of data to process only increases month to month.  The temporal nature of the data means all the data must be reprocessed each month anew to generate meaningful results.


Thank you for any advice.