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help with affordable hosting

Question asked by Kathrynfw on Jun 8, 2018
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I imagine this question is asked in multiple ways out, but my problem is sorting through all the information. I am overwhelmed by it.

I have a small database  that does not have any images or video and I Have been distributing it as runtime solutions during an annual workshop. I am interested in hosting it on the cloud for an annual fee.

What it looks like, however, is that I would have to sell access to it for far more than the application would ever be worth to anyone.


I am seeing things like “100 a month,“ or “$3.99 an hour,“ and also things about continuous users and unique users. This is the way it works:

The users each need to have their own  validation credentials so that they can view any of the records they have previously created


One user may create 12 or so records in a year.


Ideally, it would have different levels of  Record access, because an administrator might want to see all of the records created by their employees, if that even matters.


This is  primarily for educational use, to support the needs of children with autism and other developmental disorders. Therefore, it is not big money, and not likely to be supported if it were.


When I go to a hosting company and look at their pricing structure, I don’t even understand it! I can create an elaborate FileMaker database (granted, withwas great toil and occasional support), And I can’t even figure out how to host my solution affordably, if there is even such a thing.