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Year (Get(Currentdate))

Question asked by mehbastan on Jun 8, 2018
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Filemaker 12 Advance PC


I am having a problem. Must be the age...

I have a Date field called Cont_Date which stands for Contribution date

have another Calculation field called Feast which I need to be automatically filled when a date is selected in Cont_Date so I used a formula like this. But I don't want the year to be static so it can work for any year.

Case (

Cont_Date > Date (5;17;2018 );"Grandeur";

Cont_Date > Date (4;28;2018); "Beauty";

Cont_Date > Date (4;9;2018); "Glory";

Cont_Date > Date (3;20;2018); "Splendour";




so I tried this but it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestion?

Cont_Date > Date (4;28; Year(Get(Currentdate)); "Beauty";