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How to treat this related records and fields?

Question asked by jpbarna on Jun 8, 2018
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I'm having problems with a relationship.


I have this entities


Matches: MatchIDpk, HomeTeam, AwayTeam

Teams: TeamIDpk, TeamName

Players: PlayerIDpk, TeamIDfk, PlayerName, PlayerPosition

Events: MatchIDfk, EventType, Timestamp, PlayerName, PlayerPosition



Matches are soccer matches that have several events (notable plays that are timestamped)

Teams are soccer teams integrated by Players. Each Match has a Home Team and an Away Team

Players have names and position and are related to Teams

Events are related records to matches, have a description and a timestamp and a Player with Position (who participated in the event and what position he / she had)


So, I know how to create a Match, assign a Home and Away team to it. Both teams have a list of related players each one.


Then I have a portal where I create events, related with the Match by a key.


I'm having problems assigning a Player Name and Player Position value to the fields in the Events record that should come from the related Players table that is related to the Teams...


I want to use a value list based in a relationship, but I'm really confused.


How can I solve this?