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Discussion created by realgrouchy on Jun 8, 2018
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I was looking for ways to make a linkable breadcrumb for a 'help' component of a database, and the closest I got was this thread (user layout tracking link ) which doesn't actually describe how one would implement one.


Ideally a breadcrumb will:

1. Display a list of parent records (e.g. on a webpage you might find "Home > Contact Us > Contact Steve") at least two levels.

2. Allow you to click on a parent to go to that record

3. Distinguish clickable elements (parent record) from non-clickable elements (current record, separators)

4. Change the link appearance when hovering, without changing the separator (e.g. angle bracket: ">").

5. Minimize/Remove excess space between text components

6. Stay on one line


I built the attached sample which uses a button bar with calculated fields (including calculated colour) to make something that looks and works like a breadcrumb, meeting most of the conditions above.


I don't think it's possible in FMP to remove the excess space because we don't have hyperlinks in text fields* and I couldn't find an easy way to keep the angle bracket from turning bold when hovering over the button, which isn't a big enough detail for me to care. The whitespace really sticks out when the link titles are really short.


Since I didn't find any other samples online, I'm putting this here for the next novice FM developer who looks for how to do it.


(*As I write this I realize I could perhaps have used HTML text and an embedded web viewer...not sure if we can link between records or trigger scripts from web viewer links. )




- RG>