Sub-summary calculation using other sub-summary field value

Discussion created by Jon1 on Jun 8, 2018
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I have a report that shows some data collected to print a job. Every time a roll of paper is used, a new line is added to the report. Some of the data in each line is duplicate information. Some of the calculations in the report are based on numbers that do not change regardless of how many rolls of paper are used whereas others the number of rolls of paper are factored into the calculations. I am having trouble trying to calculate the difference between a field where the number of rolls matters with a field where it doesn’t.




For example, in the picture above (shows two rolls of paper used), the first column - “Theo Paper Lbs” is the same regardless of the number of rolls of paper used. The number 959 will be repeated in the report list for each roll but it doesn’t change.


The column “RT Paper Lbs Used” shows the number of pounds used in each roll of paper. The number of rolls used here is important.


I have a summary field that totals the RT Paper Lbs Used column when sorted by job name. The value in the picture above left of 1,617 is the summary field in the sub summary part of the report and only works when the report is sorted by job name. I can have multiple jobs per report.


The column “Complete Job Waste” is calculated (Summary of RT Paper Lbs Used - Theo Paper Lbs)/ Theo Paper Lbs.

How can I get the summary of RT Paper Lbs Used and use it in another calculation?


The picture below shows a large shot of the report and shows that I can use a wide ranging number of rolls per job.