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Sporadic Offline sync Filemaker GO

Question asked by pfroelicher on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by skywillmott

I am developing a solution  for Timesheets of employees.


The employees punch in a 4 digit PIN in an iOS device in the factory floor to create a "apontamento" record, containing their ID, Timestamp, Location.

The iOS device runs (for now, later I will write an app) RepApontamentoMaker.fmp12 in GO, basically a 0 to 9 Keyboard where they punch in the PIN and create their entry/exit record.

This file has a copy of the active Employees, their PIN's and a table RepApontamentos which has to sync sporadically, say every hour, with the mother file on the server where all the functionality of a Timesheets administration software will happen and you can see on what day JOE DOE entered at what time, how much overtime, how much work hours, holidays, weekends, where he registered in, what office/local he worked when.. etc. 


Question: I do want to have the RepApontamentMaker offline, so it is quick and does not rely on Network availability and use one of our FMS seats.

Now.. how do I write/sync this apontamentos (Timestamprecords) best back to the server. Looping through newly created records with REST? Or with Filemaker access to the Mother File (called rh.fmp12 rh being "recursos humanos" or Human Resources" )which would use one Seat on the server during connect time?

Or with GoZYNC or some other commercial product?