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Data API and Google calendar Sync

Question asked by philou on Jun 9, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by DonCollier

Hi guys,


I was using for several year Zulu 2.1 to sync the calendar in Filemaker of all my collaborator with their calendar on Google.

In fact, through that way, their appointments in Google became automatically their activity report in our time control.

But in the last few month, Zulu didn't work well, stopping sync after few days. To get the support I have to buy a new licence now what is over exaggerated. I am pretty sure, that with the new capability of Filemaker with the Data API, CURL and URL insert, there must be an easy way to sync all our Google accounts with our Filemaker accounts.


Does anybody has already think about a solution in that way or already have it ready ?