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Is my FM file corrupt?

Question asked by onefish on Jun 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2018 by taylorsharpe

So frustrated, I have been developing a FM16 database file all day. I was tweaking a script that had gotten caught in a loop previously. Tested in a test database before making the adjustment to the main one, should have worked fine as all I added was an IsEmpty() check to my exit criteria to plug the hole. But when I ran the script my file closed immediately (there is no such script step used in any script in the database). Upon opening it back up all fields and nearly all layout objects, save 3 text labels, are not visible in browse mode. They are all visible in layout mode though. I checked and none have hide object criteria applied (accept the ones that originally did).


Is this a matter of a totally corrupted file? Since I can still see and interact in layout mode is it a bad idea to copy elements across to my last backup from early this morning?