Problem with shared database

Discussion created by JoeSand on Jun 9, 2018
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This is probably a router configuration problem, but maybe one of you has had a similar problem and can help me out...


I have a database that I use for a small company that is hosted on one computer and shared to a second as a client... no server.  Yesterday I disconnected the ATT supplied router that I've been using for a couple years and had a new one from Comcast installed... made by Cisco, for what that's worth.  Now my computer's won't talk to each other.  I've put in the new IP addresses that have been assigned and tried sharing in both directions (I actually have a database on each computer and they "cross share" with each other... don't ask...) but they don't see each other.


I don't know if there's some router configuration issue that can cause this, the tech says that it's "open" and shouldn't cause a problem, but obviously there's a problem.  Any ideas are welcome...