Options To Text Field Scroll Bar

Discussion created by DennyHayes on Jun 10, 2018
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Since there seems to be no way to use a script to position a cursor in a text field, I created a file many years ago to navigate a text field instead of using the scroll bar, which was much better. That file didn’t even use the scroll bar. You could jump line by line, paragraph by paragraph, top, bottom, middle, and percentages of the over all text. Also on the left there was a position bar that showed the size of the text in the window relative to the size of the over all text and where it is positioned in the text. I was surprised to find that it still works in FM17, and was curious if anyone else has done something like this, since FM has removed the ability to use the WebViewer to show a text field continence? Here is a graphic of the one that I did. Right now I have decided to use some of the same techniques to position a cursor, by using the vertical bar as a fake cursor, and having it be bold and a different color.