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Having a problem adding portal rows

Question asked by divemasterbill on Jun 9, 2018
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I hope that someone can shed some light on this problem I am having with portals and adding portal rows.


First I have two tables, ‘customers’ and ‘products’.  In the customers table I have the primary key pk_customer which is a serial number. Next the customer demographics like name address etc.  In the products table I have the primary key, pk_products, the part number, description, price and some other fields.


Now I create a join table called ‘invoice’ with only two fields, fk_customer and fk_products which are the foreign keys.

Next I go to the relationship graph and connect the pk_customer key in the customer table to the fk_customer key in the join table and the pk_products to the fk_products.


Now I double click on the equal sign icon on the link between the product table to the join table to open the edit relationship window.  On the right hand side of the window where it says invoice I click on ‘Allow creation of records in this table…etc’  I now close out the window and go to edit the layout for the invoice.


I add a simple drop box for the customers with their demographics which is no problem.


Now I create a portal on the layout.  In the “Portal Setup” window I select the products table because that is the list of items the customer bought.  I add the fields that I need and save the layout and exit the editor.  I create a new record, add the customer info but I cannot add any rows to the portal for the products, hence my problem.


If I go back into the edit relationship window and I select “Allow creation…etc” to the left hand side for products and uncheck the right hand side.  I can add portal rows but it screws up the products in the products table.


I am using Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced