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Filemaker Server 17 SSL not secure

Question asked by thegamechanger on Jun 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by user375

Hi Guys,


Just updated Filemaker Server 16 to 17.  Everything seems to have gone smoothly there.

I successfully imported my GoDaddy SSL cert to Filemaker Server (or so it's says).   When connecting through filemaker pro advanced remotely or otherwise, it shows the file/connection as secure.   When I attempt to connect via Webdirect, the browser says it's not secure.


Hardware: Mac

SSL:  GoDaddy Wildcard SSL Cert.


I used "*" as my domain name naming logic as per GoDaddy instructions.


I'm stuck.   GoDaddy can't help as I'm installing the SSL on a third party server.  Don't know where else to turn.

Thanks Everybody!