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SDKApp no longer opens in IOS11

Question asked by 34South on Jun 12, 2018
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I am fairly new to the SDKApp environment (aren't we all?) but built a pretty nice App using the Xcode version that was available about a year ago. I have not released this on the App Store, but used it successfully on my test device (iPhone 6 Plus) and started inputting a lot of data into the App (knowing that I hadn't yet coded it to export that data - stupid, definitely).

However, since upgrading IOS on the device (it's currently at 11.4) I find the App no longer runs (flash screen and then disappears but doesn't quit). Not a train smash if I lose the data I inputted, but it would be nice to retrieve it.

Any suggestions? Moving it to an older device perhaps, but is there a way to update the Xcode version if I move the App back to OSX?