FileMaker Server 17 - Periodic Disconnect - Reconnect

Discussion created by DuckSportsFan on Jun 11, 2018
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This is new... I've been maintaining our FileMaker Server since version 5.5...  FMS-17 running on late 2013 Mac Pro, OS High Sierra, 32gb ram, 8 cores... FMP 16 & FMPA 17 clients, OS Sierra/High Sierra client mix.


About every 30-minutes or so, all fields on a layout with display <<Field Missing>>, and a message displays indicating disconnected from server.  Then after about 5 seconds, the fields display their regular data as if nothing ever happened...and a message reads "reconnecting to server".


I do have a 30-minute progressive backup selected.  I have a script to do nightly backups.  I also have backups selected on the Administrator's settings...and I think I should probably get that taken off as it's overkill with my 1am scheduled backups.


This disconnect/reconnect issue is annoying, needless to say.  My staff are complaining.  Any thoughts?


-Paul, In-House Developer, Eugene, OR