"Reconnecting..." Bug related to dependency to Guest db file during idle?

Discussion created by chaseholden on Jun 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by TSGal

We use FMPA 17 connected to FMS 17


"Reconnecting..." Bug observation:



Reconnecting Bug appears to be related to non-guest databases requiring access to guest access databases left idle or after sleep, rendering non-guest and guest access databases unusable and forcing users to close the files.


1. After extended idle time or sleep, our open FM Database in FMPA 17 is unusable, stuck with the "Reconnecting..." sheet displayed where only option is to press "Close File" button.

2. Our "Primary" FM database remains open, logged in as Admin.


3. "Primary" database requires access to three (3) other FM database files, two (2) with same Login, one (1) as Guest. 


4. Only the "Guest" database (read only privileges) in 'Window' menu displays "Reconnecting..." but the entire database is unusable, displaying "Reconnecting... [Close File]" sheets in all open windows of all files.


5. Manually reconnecting and opening "Guest" database does not solve this problem, forcing us to close Primary database.