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FileMaker Server 17 Table to Table Imports

Discussion created by Andy Hibbs on Jun 11, 2018
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Today commenced by posting to an old entry here about not being able to export properly from WebDirect, with a single 'Export Records' script step providing the option for 2 separate actions depending on whether the WD export window was used to select a file or the cancel button was clicked. A combination of scripted records can be exported and combined with records from a selected file that meet certain criteria. Very clever, and very dangerous.


I am using a 'handler' table to create some records for various purposes, set a batch ID to a field within these records, then import some data from another table, set the same batch ID, find on the ID and then export the selected records.


So, off I went to PSOS (heart sinks) to get around this by having to export a temporary a file, then import into a container field ready to export from either FileMaker or WD using Export Field Contents.


However, I'm now on the third work around, as FileMaker Server 17 still cannot, it appears, do a table to table import within a hosted file. The script step appears fine with Server compatibility selected within the script, the fields map nicely to each other. But, it just doesn't work (as has been mentioned before by others here). The script runs fine when called by FileMaker Pro, but the objective is to make this work in both FMP and WD.


Equally, WebDirect fails on the table to table import as well, which is no surprise if PSOS fails on it, but being unable to suppress the import dialogue box allows a user to be able to screw up the automated import.


Now I'm on my third work around, which is now to create yet another temporary file from the source data table, then import into the 'handler' table and complete the process.


This has been a heck of a lot of work, with one work around leading to another work around. Surely with PSOS maintaining a session for the duration of the script, it should be able to honour a found set in one table and be able to see this within the same file and import the data to another table?


If not, then at least disable the field mapping within the script compatibility.