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FileMaker Server 17 - can't access admin console

Question asked by poliver88 on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2018 by beverly

Hiya, I've recently installed a FMserver17 on my windows machine.
Everything's been goin great for the past 2-odd weeks.
Now I can't access the admin console anymore and daily backups have stopped working. Databases are still working.


I'm constantly getting email notifications (every half 'n' hour or so) saying


Error 701 PC Admin Server process has terminated abnormally.


I've tried a couple of command line commands like


fmsadmin restart adminserver and
fmsadmin setup fmwebsite to no avail


my installed java runtime is 1.8.0_166


Firewall is disabled.


I have no idea what else I could do apart from reinstalling (which I rather not, I rather get to the root of the problem because it also had happened the first time I installed the FileMaker server.)