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Inventory table price changes - Import or Script loop

Question asked by on Jun 12, 2018
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About monthly one of our vendors changes their pricing. While they maintain a fixed percentage off the 'price' for the cost of each item, I need to be able to update the pricing.


The issue is that I must edit the vendor's supplied Excel work sheet then import that into a temp table.


I would like to ask if it would be easier to script an import and update where only the matching records (part number) changes the price or should I script a loop for each part, find the old part number and do the update?


I have a calculation which handle the cost value based on discounts from price. And it will update automatically when the price changes.


I guess the question is, what is the best way to handle the changes. Sometimes there will be as many as 3000 parts changing prices at any given time.


Thank you for your time.