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Looking for a Consultant

Question asked by philmodjunk on Jun 12, 2018

Where I work, we are considering Jobbing out a task for which I just don't have the time.


a) This is an iPAD based solution that uses goZync to sync data--including signatures and a PDF back to our server.

b) I would finish some updates/bug fixes on this project and then hand if off to the contractor in order to achieve two goals.


  1. Use the SDK to make it an iOS app.
  2. Set up an "update" method that is less problematic/painful for 300+ users, many of whom are technically challenged. Ideally, we'd like to simply push a new copy of the file out and get all their current data imported into the new copy with little or no interaction needed from the user if that's possible.


Note that we do not currently plan on investing major resources into this iPAD solution as we have plans in the works to replace this with web/laptop based set up so that we don't have to issue and maintain both for these users. This is mainly an interim effort to keep the current setup working for 1 to 2 more school year semesters. (Boss thinks that he's going to have the new set up ready by second semester, I suspect that Fall of next year is more realistic...)


This is a tentative plan at this time, I'm fishing for some contacts to forward on to my boss. (Just send that info via private message.)