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FMS 17 WPE Does Not Automatically Start

Question asked by DoomSolutions on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by psuchad

I just updated two, identical Mac Minis from FMS 16.0.4 to FMS  (Mac Mini Late 2014, 10.12.6).  FMS seems good on the first installation, but not on the second.  Specifically, the WPE does not automatically start when the system boots.  If I force it via CLI, it appears to work until I restart the computer.


Under Startup Settings, the "Automatically Start" option is selected.  Under "Web Publishing Engine," it just reports that the Master Machine is "unavailable."  If I toggle it on, it turns off after a few seconds.


WebDirect starts fine, and I can confirm that WPE really isn't working since I just get an error page when trying to open a file in WD.


If I use "fmsadmin restart wpe" in the CLI, the service starts and stays on.  Until I restart.


I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling FMS 17 without success.  I'd like to avoid wiping the entire drive and starting over.  Generally, once the server is up and running, it won't be rebooted, but I need it to return to the correct state without interaction if there's a problem.  Is there a reason the WPE will not start on its own and a way to fix it?