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Creating a video database

Question asked by carlo.motzo on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by edwardlscott

Hi All,

I'm evaluating the possibility of creating a video database using FM.

I created without problems all is needed (UI file, Data file, both on FMS).


The problem is the playback of the videos inserted in a container (open storage).

I can play the video, in the container or full screen, but i can't obtain two important things):

- play video frame by frame (in the ordinary QT player you can use the arrows to do that! Bad surprise);

- get the timecode (or the frame number) of the current video frame.


I haven't tried with MBS on server (I'm afraid their component is only for Mac).

The solution should work in WebDirect and perform very quickly.

Often very long videos, so it's not a good idea to download them locally: the player must use progressive download.


I'd prefer to use FM native tools, but not necessarily.

It's possible that the client requires the Secure storage instead of Open storage.

I'll check also 360Works Supercontainer.


Any good idea?


Thanks to all.