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Bug with OnFirstWindowOpen and multiple monitors?

Question asked by on Jun 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by TSGal

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Product and version: FileMaker Pro 16.03

OS and version: macOS 10.12.6

Hardware: iMac 27-Inch with dual monitors


I have a computer with two monitors.  I also have an interface file that has an OnFirstWindowOpen ScriptTrigger associated with it.  When debugging scripts it is not uncommon to have multiple windows open on two desktops.

How to replicate

  1. Created a scripted button to call a series of script steps with a New Window script step somewhere
  2. Open Script debugger and place on separate desktop from already open window with a file where OnFirstWindowOpen is specified to call a script.
  3. Click button on Filemaker solution and then begin to walk through the script
  4. When performing the New Window script steps the solution will call OnFirstWindowOpen


Workaround (if any)

Move script debugger to same desktop as existing window.