fmPDA v1 ❤ - a replacement class for the FileMaker API for PHP (FMS 17)

Discussion created by mdenyse on Jun 12, 2018
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I've released a new version of fmPDA which now supports FileMaker Server 17's Data API and the new Admin Console API.


fmPDA provides method & data structure compatibility with FileMaker's API For PHP. If your code uses FileMaker's 'old' API For PHP, you can swap it out with fmPDA and begin using the Data API with minimal code changes on your part.


fmDataAPI provides access to the v1 Data API including container uploads and script execution.


fmAdminAPI provides access to the v1 Admin Console API to get/edit schedules, list databases, etc.


fmCURL provides a wrapper for your curl() calls.


Support for FileMaker Server 16 is still available as version '0' in the package.


Download the files and examples here:


Mark DeNyse