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FileMaker Pro 6 - Script damaged

Question asked by rachellejpc on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by Karen

Hello, forum folks.


I'm new to the forum and also just barely familiar with the program we use. I work for a small engine retail/service business that uses FileMaker Pro 6 for our rental equipment as it tracks time well for us compared to our equipment sales program.


Recently, we experienced an issue in the Equipment tab while doing a List View search. Before hitting the "Submit Request" button, we must have accidentally hit another tab causing a continuous error to populate on the screen no matter what we hit with a message that mentioned something about "location is required". I could not get this error message to go away, so in order to do anything, I had to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and forcefully close the program. When I re-opened FileMaker Pro 6, it said that the Equipment file was damaged. I then did a file recovery, or at least attempted to do one, but I still get the error message of "This script cannot be found or has been deleted" and "The previous script step, "Perform Script", could not be completed because of an error. Do you wish to continue with this script?" No matter if I hit continue to cancel, it does not do anything.


I have run out of ideas. After this has all happened, I wish I had backed up this computer and the files beforehand, but, unfortunately, we did not, so I cannot recover any additional files.


Here are the issues I am experiencing:


1) Cannot click Equipment button from Main Menu without popping up error messages as listed above. I have to go to Calendar or In Process and then click Equipment to get there.

2) When adding a reservation, the items populate in Calendar with only the Equipment ID, but no Item Description, and the text is all highlighted in red, signifying a location conflict. We have never changed our location and after I called FileMaker today and spoke with a rep, they mentioned that I may need to edit the script, but I don't know how to do that, if I even can.


If anyone can point me out in the right direction, I would appreciate it so we can get our rental program back up and running as it should. Thanks a bunch in advance! If you need screenshots, I will add those.