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Downloading data from a separate computer system to filemaker??

Question asked by terri_henry on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by fmpdude

I work for a school district in the special education department.  I keep a filemaker database for all of the data related to each special education student. Our student information system (another Software vendor) doesn't contain fields for all of the additional data I keep in Filemaker and the SIS can't be changed to add the fields I would need  (Reports from our SIS are also an issue).   Keeping information in two places often creates double entry for me.   Is there a way to create fields in Filemaker with codes that will pull/download information from our SIS into specific filemaker fields?  


For example:  When I enter the student's school ID number into Filemaker, specific student data, the student's grade, address, start date, school building, etc would automatically pull from our SIS and insert it into fields in Filemaker.   Is this possible?   I don't want the data to be "shared" (meaning I don't want Filemaker fields to change any of the SIS fields)... I just want the SIS fields to populate the filemaker fields.