5x Size Difference with Drag and Drop

Discussion created by jackrodgersjr on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by user19752

I am using LumaFusion to create videos from my clips. I discovered an unusual event and am not sure what the cause is.


Two things happen when I split the screen on my iPad Pro 12.9 and drag a video into a container field rather than tap on it and locate the file for insertion.


1. The file size is 5x larger.

2. The file name is changed.

3. The file type changes from mp4 to mov.


I haven't tested this with iMovie but I will to see if this is just an oditty with LumaFusion or happens with both. Lumafusion lets me rename the file when I compile and save the video. Drag and drop reverts to the file numbering.


I am mentioning this because if this occurs using Macs or PCs and not just IOS, then a 5x size difference could be important.