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The best way to implement a descriptive SKU?

Question asked by timraudies on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by DanielShanahan


I am trying to implement a descriptive SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) to each of my products in a basic product database.

A SKU is an unique identification code for each product, that should help tracking this unit in my inventory.

I have 10 fields in my products table of which 8 are used to form (calculate) the SKU. Based on the information in this fields the SKU-field-calculation should pick the related codes and put it together to a 22-digit-SKU.


FieldsExample 1Example 2
Model NameProfessionalEasyride
= SKUBK-PRFS-052-V02TR-ESRD-040-V12


My first idea was to write the SKU calculation as a lot of If-else-commands queued after each other, but I am pretty sure that there must be a more effective way? Like defining the abbreviations somewhere else in the file and just pull them from there? What are your thoughts? Is this a common thing to do in FileMaker?