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open image or pdf in a popover?

Question asked by mpeay on Jun 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by mpeay

I'm trying to make it easier for my desk officers to view our maintenance on call list by placing in their facilities layout as a button.  The idea is to press the button and have a popover show either the pdf or a jpg of the schedule.  I know it's possible to place the file in a container but I'd rather my staff not have to export the document to view it and I don't want the image taking up a lot of layout space when they aren't using it. A google and FM community search yesterday didn't really bring up many options surprisingly.  Now I can't find the thread that I was referencing yesterday afternoon; maybe I'm using the wrong keywords?  I have created a layout specifically to host the image of the pdf for the popover to look at but scripting the popover to look at it opened the specific layout next to the facilities layout. To top it off I accidentally deleted the faulty script and must start completely over.