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Field Validation by Calculation and more

Question asked by ollimuller on Jun 13, 2018
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I am new to FileMaker and in the spirit of all that I do, I will jump right into the deep end:


I am designing a database that stores course information for my company. All the courses are made up of unit standards of which I have a table with 800+ records. Our courses fall into 4 categories, one of which is what is known as a learnership. The learnerships all are accredited and have a unique code (Learnership ID), provided by the accreditation body. The other 3 categories are ad hoc courses which we customise according to our clients' needs.


I am creating a new table that will let me create courses (from the unit standards). When I create a new record in this table, the first field will ask what type of course I am creating, validated through a list (of the 4 categories). If I select "Learnership" as the category, then I want FileMaker to prompt me to enter a unique numerical (max 6 digits) value in the "Learnership ID" Field. If I select any of the other categories, then the field can stay blank.


I can get as far as doing an "IF" to check if "Learnership" has been selected, but I don't know what to do to use the  validation criteria as above.


Secondly I am going to use a query portal to select the unit standards for each course. Is it possible to drag the unit standards (either individually or in selected groups) from the query portal into a course portal and then assign an optional (not necessary in all courses) priority (Core, Fundamental and Elective) to each unit standard that has been assigned to the course?


Finally, can I filter my query portal by typing part of the unit standard ID and it updating according to what I typed? Like an autofilter?


I am not necessarily looking for the full solution on the above, but a nudge in the right direction would help.


Thank you.