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Calculation results from portal rows and transfer of those to other field or portal

Question asked by mark-it on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2018 by mark-it

Dear all


I have a portal in which I enter values (Field A), I want to go get subtraction results in order - Last portal row minus previous, so I did a field with the calculation (Filed C):

GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "Field A" ; "content";""; Get ( RecordNumber ))-GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "Field A" ; "content";""; Get ( RecordNumber )-1). Example


Field D (date)Filed AFiled C


The calculation works fine until I want to filter portal - a made a copy of it - in original I'm entering values, in a copy I'm filtering them according to date. If I choose a date range content of field A shows without a problem, but calculation results don't - I supposed, it does not because the filtered portal is showing one portal row, so calculation does not have the other portal row to calculate.


I tried to set a variable - to copy results to other portal or filed, but those calculations are unstored - in a table view filed C is empty. I would like to get chart from those results, but I'm not sure if that will be available if those are empty. Maybe there is an option to transfer those results to other portal o fields ...


Do you know how can I solve that ??

Or maybe you have a better idea, then I will change the concept of that calculation. Feel free to comment.


I appreciate any advice.