Problem in FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 and Go 17

Discussion created by RonSmithMD on Jun 14, 2018
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Ok, so this seems to clearly be a problem with FileMaker Pro Advanced. Look at these two screens of the same layout in my application Samaritan Care, a medical field case tool. Notice anything different? Look at the count totals of the male and female patients that the growth chart graphs show in the bottom. They are screen shots of the exact same layout at the exact same time. Filemaker 17 Go is on the left and FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 is on the right.


The total males and females are different in the field showing the count. The males are zero in the bottom, but in the graph, the 180 males show correctly. These both are based on a count relationship between Place and Growth.


IMG_AE6796849A0B-1.jpegCapto_Capture 2018-06-14_07-45-00_PM.png


Here is a clip of the relationships.

Capto_Capture 2018-06-14_07-10-19_PM2.png