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How to replace question marks as result of a calculation

Question asked by springer01 on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2018 by beverly

I have a file in which I have my net worth by year and the percent change from one year to the next year; e.g. flwg fields:


Year End; Net Worth; △ Net Worth; % Change.


My equations for those fields are:

c_△_net_worth  Calculation   n_net_worth - (GetNthRecord ( n_net_worth ; Get ( RecordNumber ) - 1 ))


c_%_change   Calculation   c_△_net_worth / n_net_worth.


Everything works fine except the annoying question-marks in the first year's fields of △ Net Worth and % Change.

I've tried variations of the If statement to eliminate them without getting a useable equation. I looked at  Case but it didn't seem to fit.

I've read the FMP12 Help "Replacing the contents of a field" but didn't understand how those could be applied to my situation.


What Function or Equation can I use to eliminate the ? in those first year's fields? Maybe replace them with N/A.