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Large Imports Lock Table. Completely.

Question asked by user27087 on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by james_quiggins

Product and version

FileMaker Server 17 only


OS and version

Mac OS 10.13



Mac Pro, Quad Core


Note: This is a difference starting with FMS17.



Server-side import of many rows into existing large table locks the table, then may cause server to lock all users including server import process. In our case, import 1,000,000 rows into existing 300,000,000 rows. No import-update, not auto calculations, etc.


If any clients go to a layout that references that table, or you try to Manage DB, it will be slow at best and freeze all users and processes at worst. May work slowly for FMP user(s), but appears to lock everything if Web user attempts view.


Top Call Stats indicate Download With Lock. Any additional users will also show processes with large elapsed time (no end time.)


We could not log off Web Users, only FMP users. We tried command line as well. We were able to stop the server process by disconnecting the "user" but now the file will not close. We fear the file is in limbo since it has been showing "closing" as a status for the past hour.


How to replicate

Start server-side import, have user(s) go to a layout that references that table. May work slowly for FMP user, but appears to lock everything is Web user attempts view. View Top Call Stats to see that Download With Lock is present for all rows relevant to import.


Workaround (if any)

Import when nobody is using the database, do not allow new users to log in. Attempt import using FMP running on server instead of server side script (not sure if this would help.)