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How to round time minutes to nearest 10 units.

Question asked by on Jun 14, 2018
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Hello Community.


I have a time field which stores times for example like this.





What I want to do is round the 'minutes' to the next nearest units.


For example;


0.1 = 6

0.2 = 12

0.3 = 18

0.4 = 24


If the time is 1:19 -> It should become 1:24 (because 19 is more than 18(see above)).

and if the time is 1:14 -> It should become 1:18 because 14 is more than 12. see above.


I created an calculation field in my database; I have set up variables.


How I can round the time field.


I was thinking to set up units variables; than have if statement; if the time is 1:19; change it to 1:24


How I can have those if statements which would round the minutes units of time.



Many Thanks.