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Two Way Importing Filemaker Go

Question asked by FM_DM on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2018 by RubenVanDenBoogaard


I am in the process of developing a remote Filemaker go solution for an engineering company. The engineers will have Ipads with Filemaker go 15.

I need help with scripting a two way import. I have a list of codes (for sites they made need access) What I want the script to do is when the sync button is pressed on the go database for it first to check if there have been any updates if so import those new additions/changes to the code log on the main system. The engineers go database is a local copy on the ipad only  - this is as the engineers will be using mobile signal to sync only when required and so connection will not be constant. once the engineers additions have been imported to the main database it then runs an import from the main database so any additions there are copied to the engineers locally. (This part I have got working OK. )

here are my two current scripts for this

File Maker Go



Main (ignore custom dialog  - this was just for me to ensure the script was opening on the other database )



However when I run the filemaker go script it gets as far as importing from the engineer database and I get the import box pops up  the Source here is wrong - Code Log Ext is the table occurrence of the main code log in the local engineers table (this connection is fine for a moment as there is only one Main database). The source should be the local copy of the code log table to the engineers database and should be done without allowing the user to specify the record source. I assume if a create a table occurrence for the code log in engineer deploy this could cause issues when there are a number of different engineers using this at the same time on different ipads? Am I overthinking?