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Portal fields not populating properly or malfunctioning Dropdown.

Question asked by mdaniel27 on Jun 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by mdaniel27

I have a PO  layout with PO Data Portal and a Orders Portal

PO Data Portal Below:

This is listing the 3 items on the PO:

Now from the Orders Portal I am performing a pick from the drop down showing a list of only

the items on the above PO:

But the problem is that even tho I select the top item in the list, it does not return that item as shown below:

Even if I pick the 3rd item is is returning only the item shown above.

Here are the details for this portal staring with the drop down:

SKU showing in the pic above for the Orders Portal is just a label.  The field is actually

Product ID Match Field.


What would cause this odd behavior? That the items in the pick list (That you PICK)

are not what is returned to the editline and used in the lookup?