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Filemaker 16 Server Install/Uninstall Question

Question asked by medrob on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by steveromig

My company is still doing some behind the scenes research and production towards migrating from Filemaker 12 to 16. We did a few test runs on an older system to consider our print options successfully; but thats not why I'm here.


We want to run a test of our current server and its files, but using the new Filemaker Server 16 platform. To do this, we want to install 16 Server on a new Mac, move our 12 files over, and test the environment to make sure it works.


The question; if we were to install Server 16 onto this Mac, would we be able to uninstall it later, and reinstall 16 Server on our server computer? Main reason is the current server system has more hardware (more ram, faster processor, etc) than the new mac we purchased (This one is just replacing a very old mac in the office, and before we do the install, we decided we want to test 16 Server on it)


Key notes; we do not want to interrupt our network and satellite logins to our currently used Filemaker 12 server just to test run 16. And as I stated, our current server system is better suited to run a Filemaker Server network than just keeping the software on the newer mac and doing a full send.