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Can tables within a file be merged with the file's primary table?

Question asked by pasleeth on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2018 by philmodjunk

Given FMPFileA containing multiple tables, including PrimaryTableA and TableX, does FileMaker Pro v.15 (or later) provide a simple way to merge any and all of the unique fields of TableX with PrimaryTableA if their relationship is one-to-one?


And if so, is there a similar means to do the same thing with FMPFileB if it consists of only one table in a one-to-one relationship to FMPFileA?


At this point you may have guessed I'm paying for my past ignorance when I built a database and went the lazy man's way about it when I created fields by importing data in parts that should have been created and imported as one cohesive aggregate of fields.  In my defense, though, FileMaker's import wizard at that time was more than happy to facilitate this hairbrained approach -- not that it has artificial intelligence to let me know it was dumb.  I'm just hoping now I'll discover FMP has a feature to help me correct my sins.


-- Andrew