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Unable to create new base directory to store container data externally

Question asked by pm125 on Jun 15, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by eric

Hello everyone,


Using Filemaker Pro 16 for Mac as a client to access a database served by FM Server 16 on a MacMini on a local network. I set up the whole thing and so I have admin-level access to everything.


I have a database of video clips that I import into a container field, "clipImported". I set up this container field to store the video clip externally, and this works very well for storing the clips in the default base directory ([hosted location]/Files/Pluto/). Now the number of clips has grown and does not fit on the computer's start-up drive. I would like to change the storage of the video clips to an external drive.


For this purpose, I need to create a new base directory (according to FileMaker Pro 16 Help and FileMaker Pro 16 Help). However, when I go to File/Manage/Containers, the buttons to create, edit, delete, and transfer data are greyed out (see attached screenshot). One of the Help pages mentions:


"You cannot create, edit, or delete a base directory if the database is hosted on a different computer."


But I have the same problem if I open the database using FMPro on the same computer that is serving the database.


Is this a problem with having the database served? Should I move the database to a local folder, open it directly with FMP, create the new base directory, and then upload the database to FM Server again? Or is there a setting in Server's Admin console that I need to change to allow new base directories to be created?





I answered one of my above questions: if I make a local copy of the served database, I am able to create new base directories, and these remain available after I re-upload the database to the server.


Now I get an error about incorrect syntax for the path:



(drive name is X7-2_B). Error message: "This path is not valid. Correct platform syntax must be used". Strangely, a similar path (filemac:/Magirus_B/Backup/FilemakerBackup/) is acceptable to the FM Server admin console in the Backup Folder section of Database Server.


What is the valid path syntax for:


1. Storage on an external local drive (Mac)

2. Storage on a network drive (Mac)

3. Storage on a network drive (Windows)


Edit 2:

I just read this thread and I now understand why there may reluctance to reply to my own post:


Storing container field data in external source with FMP 13


Does anyone know whether storing container data on a network drive for a served database has been made easier since FMS 13?